Good morning! Hope you have had a good start to this week. I though I would have time to make a weekend update yesterday before work, ambitious of me. Not sure how I thought there since my morning looked pretty much like this 6.30 wake up, 7.00 gym, 8.30 work 😀 I always think I’llContinue reading “LAST WEEKEND’S VIBES”


It’s getting late and my plan is to go to bed soon and hopefully get up to workout before work… We’ll see how that goes hehe. Today we’ve had a really chill day, late breakfast, Netflix, sauna and more Netflix. This morning we started watching The boys on Amazon Prime. It’s about superheroes and forContinue reading “ABOUT LAST NIGHT”


Heyy, hope you are alright ❤ Yesterday was a struggle, I was so tired and the day was so busy and all I wanted was for it to be the 6th of August when my holiday starts. Today I’m anyway back with new energy and a short reacap of our weekend here. So it wasContinue reading “WHAT HAPPENED IN HANKO?”