Hi! Right now I’m sitting on the train to my grand parents’ for the weekend, it’s my grand dad’s 80th birthday or it was last Sunday. Usually when I travel up to Seinäjoki it’s Friday to Sunday, but now since I don’t have to go to the office every day I jumped on a trainContinue reading “GRAY BUT COMFY”


We have been roadtripping the past few days and my plan was to write posta as we drive, currently trying to also, but realizing it just makes me carsick on these windy roads haha 😀 We had an amazing week in Pucon with our whole Finnish group + Tom and the newlyweds ❤ and evenContinue reading “A WEEK IN PUCON”


Pisco is served everywhere here. What a wedding yesterday! I didn’t know what typE of wedding to expect at all, but this was just beyond all expectations. It was fun, beautiful and just a great combination of Chilean and Finnish traditions. We danced all night and drank many piscolas (pisco + coca cola). //Vilket bröllopContinue reading “CHILEAN & FINNISH WEDDING”