Good morning ❤ Today I slept in a little bit since it is Sunday and all. I was pretty tired after a long day in the sun yesterday. We bought lots of fruit, snacks and drinks down to the Sinebrychoff park, which is only about two minutes from where we live. Perfect and convenient forContinue reading “SATURDAY IN THE SUN”


Hello, I’m looking at a wonderful sunset outside right now and feeling grateful for so many things. I feel so rested after five days of easter holidays and at the same time so bloated from wine and sweets and sweets and wine haha. It’s actually not too bad, now I’ll drink loads of water andContinue reading “EASTER AND HOLIDAYS”


Good morning! This week started good and yesterday when my alarm rang I actually felt rested after our family weekend, so a weekend in the Finnish archipelago did exactly what it was supposed to do. Feels really good especially after the past two weeks at work to have some new energy again. I thought IContinue reading “FINNISH ARCHIPELAGO”