Hello! Back in business – I have had some weeks of intense studying and have only prioritised work and studying. At least it did pay off and last Saturday I passed the Meteorology, Communication and Operational Procedures & General safety exams. This was my last theory day and now I only have one exam left,Continue reading “BACK IN BUIZ”


Good morning! I’m sitting here with my morning coffee, faceroller and laptop – perfect morning combo. Not starting work until a bit late because I stayed longer and worked yesterday. This week I’ve woke up so tired in the mornings and I don’t understand how I can go from one week be a total morningContinue reading “COFFEE MOMENT”


Hiii! Hope you are doing well, I am full of energy and spring couldn’t feel any better. It’s been a while since I talked about my flight training, but the weather has actually not been so great so that’s why I’ve had a four week break between flight lessons. Last weekend I was however backContinue reading “SLOW FLYING AND STALL PRACTICE”