Good morning, this time from Punta Arenas. We are in the very south of Chile and flew here from Santiago late last night. It’s actually hard to really understand where we are at the moment when looking at the map. We are just about to go for breakfast and then we have a few hoursContinue reading “CHILEAN BBQ”


I just realised there are not many weekends left until our trip and there it feels like I need to start making sure I have what I’ll need for it. Because we’ll be camping for a week, proper outdoor clothes will be needed and all the small things you need when you’re out hiking. AnyContinue reading “CAMPING TIPS?”


Do you know those mornings where you wake up too late and then you’re eating breakfast in the shower and brushing your teeth while drying your hair? That’s been me the past two days. This week I have been in robot mode all week – work, gym, cook, sleep. I thought last week was exhausting,Continue reading “MANGO CHIA PUDDING”