Good morning, Friday! My only purchase during black week so far has been this coat that I bought second-hand. Love it, I’ve needed one like this for years tbh. So much is happening this weekend and the days just keep running away. It’s been a while since I had a new job and actually hadContinue reading “BLACK FRIDAY OUTFIT”


Hi there! The first work week of 2021 is almost over, only tomorrow left. I have just one hour ago finished work and now I’m having an afternoon coffee to relax a bit after the day. First I wanted to take my coffee out for a walk, but decided that I’ll go out for aContinue reading “LONG WALKS AND VANILLA LATTE”


Hi! Okay, wow, where did half of this month go?! Just when I thought I got in a good flow on here, the universe just decided different haha. Since my birthday I have honestly been pretty much, almost said nose down in a book, but nose glued to my laptop screen. Or screens….first my workContinue reading “READY FOR CHRISTMAS?”


Hello Tuesday! When I started at my current job, I remember everyone always saying that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. Like it’s the day when people who were too tired to contact us on Mondays call on Tuesdays instead and it’s typcal for everything to go wrong on a Tuesday. I’m notContinue reading “THE SLEEPING BAG COAT”


Hello! I’ve just stuffed myself with two big bowls of pesto pasta after a heavy workout and soon I’ll continue cleaning at home and then have a long shower. Is there anyone else who just hangs around in their gym clothes forever after a workout haha? Well, I’m going to go around the apartment likeContinue reading “COFFEE & TRENCH COAT”