Good morning! I actually thought it was Saturday today when I woke up haha. The days just melt together even if I’m working. Every day still kind of feels like a day off when I’m only at home. Now I’m watching the morning news and having my coffee – my new morning routine these days.Continue reading “ESCAPING THE CROWDS”


I just realised there are not many weekends left until our trip and there it feels like I need to start making sure I have what I’ll need for it. Because we’ll be camping for a week, proper outdoor clothes will be needed and all the small things you need when you’re out hiking. AnyContinue reading “CAMPING TIPS?”


Guys! Tomorrow it’s Christmas Eve and I know not all countrys celebrate Christmas on the 24th, but here in Finland we do. We got to my grandparents house last night and today we’ve had a quite easy and relaxed day. In the morning we had Mannapuuro (semolic porrige?) with cinnamon. I only eat that whenContinue reading “WINTER IS HERE”