Hello! Back in business – I have had some weeks of intense studying and have only prioritised work and studying. At least it did pay off and last Saturday I passed the Meteorology, Communication and Operational Procedures & General safety exams. This was my last theory day and now I only have one exam left,Continue reading “BACK IN BUIZ”


Good morning! I actually thought it was Saturday today when I woke up haha. The days just melt together even if I’m working. Every day still kind of feels like a day off when I’m only at home. Now I’m watching the morning news and having my coffee – my new morning routine these days.Continue reading “ESCAPING THE CROWDS”


Sunday night and we’ve just finished dinner and an episode of The Bridge. We watched the first season in the beginning of the summer and decided to start watching it again now. I’m so bad at following new series that I usually put on the same ones I’ve watched a million times in the backgroundContinue reading “PICKING MUSHROOMS”