Good morning ❤ Mid-week vibes right here and a big coffee cup in my hand. To be honest I think I enjoy the idea of morning coffee more than the actual coffee, but I still drink my two cups every morning. It’s a nice morning routine and gets the day going. At the same timeContinue reading “A BIG CUP OF COFFEE”


Hello, I’m looking at a wonderful sunset outside right now and feeling grateful for so many things. I feel so rested after five days of easter holidays and at the same time so bloated from wine and sweets and sweets and wine haha. It’s actually not too bad, now I’ll drink loads of water andContinue reading “EASTER AND HOLIDAYS”


Halfway through the second week of this year and I am feeling great. Even if I might still be a little sleep deprived, the energy levels are on top and last night we were talking before falling asleep how it’s hard to wind down when we are feeling so excited about life at the moment.Continue reading “THREE FAV PODCASTS”


I have decided to from now on take responsibility of making every week a good week and not think about the things I can’t affect or do anything about right now. I will not keep thinking about the things I should do and instead concentrate on the present moment. For me the best way toContinue reading “MOTIVATION TUESDAY”