Hi! Okay, wow, where did half of this month go?! Just when I thought I got in a good flow on here, the universe just decided different haha. Since my birthday I have honestly been pretty much, almost said nose down in a book, but nose glued to my laptop screen. Or screens….first my workContinue reading “READY FOR CHRISTMAS?”


Good morning – Tuesday and that means only tomorrow left before my HOLIDAY starts yay! I got back to the city yesterday morning and only did laundry and a first round of packing my bag for next week. I always repack my bags twice or three times by always removing something. Hehe, not so effectiveContinue reading “HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN”


Good morning ❤ Mid-week vibes right here and a big coffee cup in my hand. To be honest I think I enjoy the idea of morning coffee more than the actual coffee, but I still drink my two cups every morning. It’s a nice morning routine and gets the day going. At the same timeContinue reading “A BIG CUP OF COFFEE”