in collaboration with Desenio,contains adlinks/i samarbete med Desenio, innehåller reklamlänkar Good morning! How’s your week started? I’ve had a long day yesterday with two very good meetings and a long call with two friends on the evening. It’s starting to feel like pieces are falling into place and right now I’m really working for theContinue reading “TUESDAY PLANS”


This post is in collaboration with Desenio and contains adlinks. //Detta inlägg är i samarbete med Desenio och innehåller reklamlänkar.  And so the first day of holiday is here! ❤ It didn’t really start like I had planned and instead the morning looked like this: //Då var den första semesterdagen här! ❤ Den började inte riktigt som jag tänktContinue reading “VACAY & DESENIO DISCOUNT CODE”


This post is in collaboration with Desenio and contains adlinks. //Detta inlägg är i samarbete med Desenio och innehåller reklamlänkar. // Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Desenio kanssa, sisältää mainoslinkkejä. Hey everyone! Summer weather has done a 180 and it’s pouring down. I don’t mind a little summer rain (it’s cosy) as long as the good weathers areContinue reading “POSTERS, POSTERS ON THE WALL”


Hello ❤ I am home after a day at work and a gym session. This month I feel like I have finally got back into working out and I love it. I don’t really mind not having done too much this summer because I honestly didn’t feel like doing anything but going for a runContinue reading “BALCONY UPDATE”