Hi! Hope your Monday has been good, mine was even if I slept so bad last night. How is that even possible after a relaxed weekend and I feel super rested? Anyway this weekend we have been cooking lots of food together at home and that does not happen very often. I mean, we eatContinue reading “DINNERS AT HOME”


Happy Finnish Independence day morning! ❤ This morning I really wanted to make rice porridge, but when I got up I realized it takes 1,5 hours to make so I’m making it in the oven, but we’re eating it for lunch. Today’s breakfast will be strong coffee and rye bread – super Finnish ❤ //GladContinue reading “INDEPENDENCE DAY”


It’s almost weekend again and I feel like I have more than two days off work coming up even if I definitely don’t, but because Tom’s family is staying until Tuesday it somhow feels like that anyway. Super weird haha. We have a lot of fun things planned and I’ll share them with you later.Continue reading “IKEA MEATBALLS + O’BOY AT HOME”


Hello ❤ I am home after a day at work and a gym session. This month I feel like I have finally got back into working out and I love it. I don’t really mind not having done too much this summer because I honestly didn’t feel like doing anything but going for a runContinue reading “BALCONY UPDATE”