What a Monday, I’m so glad I felt rested this morning because the whole work day was so busy. Now I’m so tired because I have not had a second of relax until now. We ares sitting on the balcony watching Netflix – we basically live on our balcony now in the summer except forContinue reading “SUMMER WEEKEND SNAPS”


Good morning ❤ Today I slept in a little bit since it is Sunday and all. I was pretty tired after a long day in the sun yesterday. We bought lots of fruit, snacks and drinks down to the Sinebrychoff park, which is only about two minutes from where we live. Perfect and convenient forContinue reading “SATURDAY IN THE SUN”


Vappen (valborg) is the celebrations that happen every 30th of April. This year the traditional celebrations were obviously cancelled because of the current situation. Still, we wanted to try and make the most of the night so we planned an outdoor evening with a few others. Kept it under 10 people though. Luckily the weatherContinue reading “VAPPEN AND THROWBACK PHOTOS”


Good morning! I actually thought it was Saturday today when I woke up haha. The days just melt together even if I’m working. Every day still kind of feels like a day off when I’m only at home. Now I’m watching the morning news and having my coffee – my new morning routine these days.Continue reading “ESCAPING THE CROWDS”