This week the weather has been just perfect and when you sit in the sun you forget it’s actually not summer yet. I have also got my cooking mode back on, felt so non-inspired the past two weeks, but now I’m back again. Yesterday I made this poké bowl. YUM! For this easy poké bowlContinue reading “SUPER EASY POKÉ BOWL”


Hello! ❤ Omg, if yesterday was a good day, today was the opposite. I don’t want to hate on Tuesday, but some days even the smalles thing can irritate you to the point where things are very close to flying into a wall. Gone mad haha. That wasn’t all day though, just a few momentsContinue reading “SECOND HAND SHOPPING”


I just got back from the hairdressers a while ago and I’m so happy with the result, I’ll show you tomorrow when I have the photos. Actually the reason I wanted to get my hair done was our trip to Stockholm next week. Now everything seems so uncertain though with the Corona virus and flightsContinue reading “HALLOUMI – ZUCCINI”


Hello! This year I wanted to eat more vegetarian/vegan – not only to reduce my carbon footprint, but because I don’t really want that much meat anyway and sometimes I can even feel it’s difficult to eat meat if I start thinking of what I’m eating. Is that weird? This doesn’t mean that I haveContinue reading “100% VEGAN – BOYFRIEND APPROVED”