Hello. New week, new Monday and NEW JOB! Last week was my last day working in the Corporate Office dealing with corporate customers and from today on you can call me Junior Business Analyst. Same employee, but a new department and a new role. I’m so excited and a little terrified at the same timeContinue reading “LONG WEEKEND AND SOME GOLF”


Good morning – Tuesday and that means only tomorrow left before my HOLIDAY starts yay! I got back to the city yesterday morning and only did laundry and a first round of packing my bag for next week. I always repack my bags twice or three times by always removing something. Hehe, not so effectiveContinue reading “HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN”


Heyy, hope you are alright ❤ Yesterday was a struggle, I was so tired and the day was so busy and all I wanted was for it to be the 6th of August when my holiday starts. Today I’m anyway back with new energy and a short reacap of our weekend here. So it wasContinue reading “WHAT HAPPENED IN HANKO?”