It’s getting late and my plan is to go to bed soon and hopefully get up to workout before work… We’ll see how that goes hehe. Today we’ve had a really chill day, late breakfast, Netflix, sauna and more Netflix. This morning we started watching The boys on Amazon Prime. It’s about superheroes and forContinue reading “ABOUT LAST NIGHT”


This week the weather has been just perfect and when you sit in the sun you forget it’s actually not summer yet. I have also got my cooking mode back on, felt so non-inspired the past two weeks, but now I’m back again. Yesterday I made this poké bowl. YUM! For this easy poké bowlContinue reading “SUPER EASY POKÉ BOWL”


Hello! ❤ Omg, if yesterday was a good day, today was the opposite. I don’t want to hate on Tuesday, but some days even the smalles thing can irritate you to the point where things are very close to flying into a wall. Gone mad haha. That wasn’t all day though, just a few momentsContinue reading “SECOND HAND SHOPPING”