Yesterday was Tom’s birthday yayy and I wanted to organize a nice normal birthday morning like we usually do. So I woke up before 7 and started setting everything up. I went out to get fresh croissants and orange juice, ginger shots and smoothie bowls. Then when I got back from my mission I hadContinue reading “BIRTHDAY BOY”


Good morning! I feel rested after this weekend and am ready for a new week. As you know, me, Laura and Ela drove to Hanko on Friday for a girl’s weekend to just relax. Here is what we did on Friday and we sat up watching a film and talking until quite late. On SaturdayContinue reading “MY WEEKEND IN FOODS”


Do you know those mornings where you wake up too late and then you’re eating breakfast in the shower and brushing your teeth while drying your hair? That’s been me the past two days. This week I have been in robot mode all week – work, gym, cook, sleep. I thought last week was exhausting,Continue reading “MANGO CHIA PUDDING”