I just got back from the hairdressers a while ago and I’m so happy with the result, I’ll show you tomorrow when I have the photos. Actually the reason I wanted to get my hair done was our trip to Stockholm next week. Now everything seems so uncertain though with the Corona virus and flightsContinue reading “HALLOUMI – ZUCCINI”


Good morning! I feel rested after this weekend and am ready for a new week. As you know, me, Laura and Ela drove to Hanko on Friday for a girl’s weekend to just relax. Here is what we did on Friday and we sat up watching a film and talking until quite late. On SaturdayContinue reading “MY WEEKEND IN FOODS”


It’s almost weekend again and I feel like I have more than two days off work coming up even if I definitely don’t, but because Tom’s family is staying until Tuesday it somhow feels like that anyway. Super weird haha. We have a lot of fun things planned and I’ll share them with you later.Continue reading “IKEA MEATBALLS + O’BOY AT HOME”