Hey! Now that I have started my new job I barely have time for lunch, breaks or even getting a glass of water. Or not really like that hehe, but I have meetings booked, back to back every single day so I really have to start scheduling in lunch breaks. If this was at theContinue reading “A FEEL GOOD WEEK”


Hello. New week, new Monday and NEW JOB! Last week was my last day working in the Corporate Office dealing with corporate customers and from today on you can call me Junior Business Analyst. Same employee, but a new department and a new role. I’m so excited and a little terrified at the same timeContinue reading “LONG WEEKEND AND SOME GOLF”


Good morning! I’m sitting here with my morning coffee, faceroller and laptop – perfect morning combo. Not starting work until a bit late because I stayed longer and worked yesterday. This week I’ve woke up so tired in the mornings and I don’t understand how I can go from one week be a total morningContinue reading “COFFEE MOMENT”