Good morning! This weekend I have practiced not being so ‘available’ and ‘online’ all the time. It’s been quite nice to put the phone away and spend time with friends and family. The hardest part is when you miss calls or you can’t instantly reply to someone, but is that actually so bad? I mean,Continue reading “STRANDED WITH NO WIFI”


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I’ve been to work, cleaned at home and done yoga. We have usually not made a big deal of Valentine’s Day, probably because the first year we were living together on Bondi Beach and it didn’t matter what day it was and we probably had chocolates every day anyway haha! It’sContinue reading “CHOCOLATES & BALLOONS”


Hello! This year I wanted to eat more vegetarian/vegan – not only to reduce my carbon footprint, but because I don’t really want that much meat anyway and sometimes I can even feel it’s difficult to eat meat if I start thinking of what I’m eating. Is that weird? This doesn’t mean that I haveContinue reading “100% VEGAN – BOYFRIEND APPROVED”


Hey lovelies! Yesterday was ‘Runebergsdagen’ (Runeberg wrote the Finnish National Anthem) and he was said to love these small cakes called ‘Runebergstårtor’ that we eat every year on the 5.2. I usually don’t like the ones you can buy as they are flavoured with punch or rum. That’s why I decided to try to makeContinue reading “RUNEBERGSTÅRTA – NO PUNCH”